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Disclaimer aims to share publicly the over thirty years of history of Jagori as part of the women’s movement; it is reflected in a range of material such as publications, audio-visual material, photographs, artwork and illustrations, writing, songs, poetry and so on. It includes memories that reflect the place of Jagori in the minds and hearts of people who have been its part in various ways–as activists, partners, campaigners, resource persons etc. via collectives, NGOs or in individual capacities. The material shared on this website is the product of creative and passionate inputs of various individuals who worked in and with Jagori at different points. Our heartfelt acknowledgement is extended to each and every one of them.

The themes and campaigns identified, discussed and highlighted on this website have been taken forward over the years not so much by specific entities but by the larger collective. Aspects and anecdotes have been shared here by persons who were then associated with Jagori; some of them are now part of other alignments, collectives or organisations. In the long run, dreams of alignments that will showcase the kaleidoscopic archives of various streams that have flowed in and out of the rivers that form the Indian women’s movements – retaining the unique flavor of every contribution while melding into the power and strength of the whole.

About credits to illustrators, artists, poets, writers/authors etc. whose work we have shared, we name and acknowledge those individuals. However, in cases where we do not have the requisite information about the identity of the artist/author etc., we have been unable to cite her/him. As and when our readers are able to identify an illustration, photo, song etc. as being their creations, they may write to us (, and we will be glad to include their name. The site is updated periodically; new content will be posted as it becomes available.

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